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Cubemaster Gold 4.30

A great cube puzzle game with a whole lot of options!
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If you hace played Tetris before you will love this game, it is like its twin but with better and fantastic 24 bit graphics that continues where Tetris did not.
The Gold (2000) version has new features like a the music system, it can
handle almost all music formats including the Mp3. Another change is the introduction of the X-Cubes, these special cubes will be a relief to get the player out of tight spots and best of all there is a new play mode: "Gold" which contains 32 different shapes.

Cubemaster is so very flexible; unlike other games the space isn't confined in a 10x20 drop zone with 7 shapes. Now with five different game modes:

Classic (10x20 with 7 shapes)
Pro (16x24 with 14 shapes)
Extreme (18x24 with 21 shapes)

And now allows the player to build its very own levels with the Free option. Cubemaster can be controlled with the keyboard, mouse or a joystick and all controls can be re-configured.

Cubemaster has 85 backgrounds, 40 tunes, 15 different cube graphics and an earthquake effect. There is no comparisson it is the best game and it is a freeware!

Raul Iniguez
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  • Excellent puzzle game, customizable


  • No more support for this game
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